SculptorKO KONO造形作家 河野甲

2019.09.30 Snail Museum「RASEN KAN」OPEN


”The snail real figure ” is the lifelike mockup reproduction the living state of a snail includnig its mollusk soft body, which cannot be preserved as a specimen by any contemporary technoligical means.The project is now on the way of reproducting as many as 800 species found in Japan and other staple species in many parts of the world. In our museum visitors will be enjoying the charms of snails and their relatives, mainly watching these figure in the perspective of natural science, humanities and artistic expressions.

Open Hours : 10:00~17:00 (Entrance closed at 16:00)

Day Off :   Every Tuesday and other days off predicted on the Website

Tariff : 500yen (Cash Only)

Website:「Snail Museum  RASEN KAN